Hepsia is an advanced Internet hosting Control Panel designed by our software engineers with the idea to make the management of everything related to your web presence easy and fast. In case you have no preceding experience, you'll not have any issues, as Hepsia has a user-friendly interface and includes a lot of help articles and video tutorials. The CP will allow you to do everything in a single location, with no need to go through different systems. You shall be able to renew or to upgrade your plan, to register and to manage domains, to set up e-mails, databases, .htaccess files or script-driven apps. You may also upload files and entire folders simply by dragging and dropping them. Right-click context menus will permit you to access additional functions. You’ll feel as if you’re working on your home computer. Hepsia runs on its own servers, so in the event that you get a hosting server for your websites, the CP shall not take any resources.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in VPS Servers

If you decide to acquire a VPS servers from us, you shall be able to to select Hepsia during the signup procedure. The Control Panel is compatible with each of the Operating Systems that you can select from on the order page, so in case you would like to use some script application that requires a specific Operating System, you'll still be able to handle your new VPS via a user-friendly interface. The main benefit of having a Hepsia-equipped VPS is that you can make use of the system resources of the web server even when you don't have any experience, because the same Control Panel is provided with our shared Internet hosting plans also. You will be able to host many domains and to manage them in just one place along with your plan renewals and anything else relevant to your web presence. The root access to a Hepsia-equipped VPS shall be limited, but you will still have the ability to manage your files and databases using a Secure Shell command line.

Hepsia CP with unlimited domains and no root access in Dedicated Servers

You shall be able to choose the Hepsia hosting CP if you acquire any of our dedicated service. This will enable you to make use of the resources which you shall have available and to manage everything with ease with an intuitive web interface. Hepsia is the exact same CP which comes with our shared hosting plans, so managing your dedicated hosting server shall not be much different. You'll be able to host as many domain addresses as you would like and to manage them all effortlessly with the same CP along with anything else in connection with your web presence - server renewal payments, DNS records, support tickets, and so forth. You shall be able to connect to the dedicated server via SSH and to perform a range of things, although the root access shall be more limited compared to a server with a different Control Panel, but in case you do not have any practical knowledge, you will be able to do everything via Hepsia.